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Argentina’s new business-friendly president Javier Milei is improving foreign investor sentiment after years of pessimism during the previous Peronist government. (Photo: Argentine Government)
Thursday, April 4, 2024

FDI Confidence in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina Grows

But outlook for next three years declines in Colombia and Peru.


Foreign direct investor sentiment towards Brazil, Mexico and Argentina the next three years have improved, while Colombia, Peru and the Dominican Republic saw declined confidence, according to the latest Kearney’s FDI Confidence Index for emerging markets.

Brazil, Mexico and Argentina also returned to Kearney’s FDI Confidence Index for the top 25 global markets. In that index Brazil ranks in 19th place (ahead of South Korea), Mexico in 20th place (ahead of Taiwan and Poland) and Argentina in 24th place (ahead of Denmark).

Meanwhile, Chile, Costa Rica and Uruguay were added to the emerging market index.

In that index, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina rank ahead of such countries as Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Indonesia and the Philippines. Chile ranks ahead of Egypt, Turkey, Romania and Vietnam.


FDI Confidence Index
LA Rk EM Rk GL Rk Country Value
1 5 19 Brazil 1936
2 6 21 Mexico 1922
3 8 24 Argentina 1888
4 14 Chile 1782
5 19 Costa Rica 1740
6 20 Peru 1740
7 21 Colombia 1717
8 23 Uruguay 1694
9 24 Dominican Republic 1684
LA Rk= Latin America Rank. EM Rk= Emerging Markets Rank.
GL Rank= Global Rank
Sources: Kearney 2024 FDI Confidence Index; Latinvex


The 2024 Kearney FDI Confidence Index is constructed using primary data from a proprietary survey of senior executives of the world’s leading corporations. The survey was conducted in January 2024. Respondents include C-level executives and regional and business leaders. All participating companies have annual revenues of $500 million or more. The companies are headquartered in 30 countries and span all sectors. Service-sector firms account for 46 percent of respondents, industrial firms for 45 percent, and IT firms for 9 percent.

The Index is calculated as a weighted average of the number of high, medium, and low responses to questions on the likelihood of making a direct investment in a select market over the next three years. Together, the markets presented to respondents in the survey received 95 percent of the world’s inward FDI flows in 2022, according to UNCTAD data.

Index values are based on responses only from companies headquartered in foreign markets. Higher Index values indicate more attractive investment targets. 

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