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Adriana Cisneros at the International Council at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles in 2011. (Photo: Cisneros Group)
Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Adriana Cisneros: Passionate About Technology

Cisneros CEO Adriana Cisneros talks to Latinvex about the company’s current and future business.


In this interview with Latinvex, Cisneros CEO Adriana Cisneros talks about her passion for technology, the legacy of her father, the company’s real estate business and focus on corporate social responsibility.

Latinvex: How do you view the potential for technology in Latin America in general and the Cisneros’s use of that specifically?

Latin America is experiencing a true digital revolution. It is one of the fastest growing regions in terms of the expansion of the Internet; in 2012 alone, it increased 42.9 percent. We see the same growth potential in online videos, social networks and e-commerce. In my new role as CEO I will continue working on the plan developed as head of strategy spearheading our endeavors in the digital world. The most fascinating thing for me is how to conceive new successful businesses that are at the forefront of technological developments and still satisfy the present needs of the general public as this impacts their means of communication. I am really passionate about anticipating how all the pieces of the puzzle come together in order to identify and integrate new acquisitions and platforms. That is why I established Cisneros Interactive, a business division that integrates everything digital, which at the moment includes ad networks, social gaming and e-commerce, and it will be the force behind of our new strategic developments. Similarly, over the past few years we have converted our television content into 360° concepts with digital strategies, allowing us to get even closer to our audiences and offer them better experiences through the different platforms.

Latinvex: How do you view the potential for the Cisneros in general?

Cisneros is benefiting from a period of high growth potential in both the expansion into new markets and the diversification of its business divisions. We are focusing on three main areas: Production and distribution of multiplatform content, online advertising and e-commerce, as well as real estate development. Not only that, we are always exploring new alliances with strategic partners and establishing synergies within our companies to achieve greater growth and experience for Cisneros; this allows us to promote new Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Latinvex: What are you most looking forward to as CEO of Cisneros?

I see a path of evolution, consolidation and exploration of new opportunities for Cisneros that will strengthen what we have been building for more than eight decades. However, my greatest challenge will be to continue leading the company’s growth at the fast pace my father did. His extraordinary ability to almost immediately envision the potential of a business deal was the key to success for this company. We are consolidating our global expansion, our incursion in the digital world, and our real estate development. We have a great future ahead of us… a future that will be based on four fundamental pillars:

  1. Consolidate new methods of distributing content and continue to be a leader as an integrated multiplatform production company, spearheading the development of original content for Hispanic markets.
  2. Diversify risk with the creation of new business divisions, integrating the Cisneros’s real estate and sustainable tourism division.
  3. Invest in innovation by identifying entrepreneurial digital projects in the region, and exploring new ways of doing online business.
  4. A dedicated vision to Corporate Social Responsibility, evaluating educational initiatives in Latin America, among other endeavors.

Latinvex: To what degree will you still be involved in Tropicalia in the Dominican Republic?

Tropicalia is one of the four fundamental pillars of my strategic business plan. It is one of the Cisneros’s most ambitious projects serving as the launch pad of our new real estate division. Just as I have been doing from the start, I will continue to work very closely with both the business unit team at our corporate offices and the team in the Dominican Republic to consolidate the project and its potential.

Latinvex: Why have you made CSR a key part of your future focus as CEO?

For us at Cisneros, Corporate Social Responsibility is a tradition we have maintained for more than eight decades; it’s part of our vision and our family values and it’s been part of our business philosophy even before the company was formed. On a personal note, my parents have been wonderful role models and they have bestowed in me a social commitment that has become an indispensable part of my personal life, as in business. Embraced by this spirit when I began to work for my family, I have always sought to connect business strategies with Corporate Social Responsibility to create programs that were aligned with the characteristics of each of our companies. We have created some very strong and important programs, and we are very proud of them. We are now entering a new period in which we will reassess and re-launch our investment initiatives in the Latin American region’s education.

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