Mexico: Porsche’s Top LatAm Market

The launch of the Porsche 911 in Mexico in February. (Photo: Porsche)

A Porsche dealership on Masaryk street in Mexico City's Polanco area. (Photo:  Porsche) 

Brazil taxes led to a 46 percent decline in sales last year.


Mexico replaced Brazil as Porsche’s top Latin American market last year, although the latter is seeing a comeback this year.

“Due to the challenging market situation in Brazil, Mexico took over the top market position in Latin America,” says Matthias Brück, President and CEO of Porsche Latin America.  

The German luxury auto manufacturer saw a 31 percent increase in Mexico to 665 units. And the growth has continued this year.

“We feel confident about the market that has shown steadily growing sales so far this year,” Brück says.

Porsche is ...

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