Road Warrior: Jose Antonio Rios, Celistics

The Pescados Capitales atmosphere is not overly formal or overly informal, Rios points out.

The food at Pescados Capitales is outstanding, Rios says. 

The Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt in Buenos Aires, a new hotel at an old location. (Photo: Hyatt)

Jose Antonio Rios, Chairman and CEO of Celistics, on his favorite restaurants and hotels in Latin America.


Based in Miami, Jose Antonio Rios, Chairman and CEO of Celistics, travels frequently to Latin America on business. Latinvex caught up with him after an extensive multi-country trip to the region and asked him to share his favourite restaurants and hotels.

What are your favorite restaurants in Latin America?
Pescados Capitales in Lima. Although by nature I am a carnivore, I like all Peruvian dishes, including ceviche. They have a unique combination of Peruvian food. Their food is outstanding. The way it’s prepared, the atmosphere suits me. It’s formal enough, but relaxed enough to enjoy the food, the company and have a good time. It’s not overly formal or overly informal.

What are your favorite hotels in Latin America?

In all of all of Latin America, my favorite is the Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt in Buenos Aires. I think it’s an outstanding property. In Sao Paulo, I like the Hyatt. It’s in the area where we do business, new and that has its advantages. The service is outstanding. There hasn’t ever been something we asked for that we haven’t had a positive response to. The staff is well trained, very nice and they cooperate with anything you need. I was also impressed by JW Marriott in Bogota. An excellent choice

What do you like most about traveling in Latin America?

When you travel today you see how much it has improved. The airlines have improved a lot, the hotels have improved a lot, and most of the airports have improved a lot.
I started traveling in 1968, after graduating at the university. There’s absolutely no comparison. Traffic in Sao Paolo and Mexico City can make all us cringe but when we have to go there, I find it refreshingly good compared to before.

What do you like the least?

The traffic in Sao Paolo and Mexico City. In general I dislike rainy days for business in Latin America because the traffic slows down more than it proportionally should. It slows down your process very much. If you are there with limited amount of time that doesn’t help.

Also, the airports. It’s stressful to arrive at airport 2 hours before. The security checkpoints. Every day it’s a more complicated process. 

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