Arcos Dorados Expands Outlets

Woods Staton, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Arcos Dorados, leads the successful expansion of the McDonald's brand in Latin America. (Photo: Arcos Dorados)

A McDonald's green restaurant in Parque Hundido, Mexico. Arcos Dorados plans to continue its ambitious expansion program this year. (Photo: Arcos Dorados)

Expansion cements Arcos Dorados as the world's largest McDonald's franchisee.


Argentina-based Arcos Dorados, the world’s largest McDonald’s franchisee, is significantly expanding the number of outlets in Latin America. After opening 130 new restaurants last year it plans to open another 140 this year.

"The McDonald’s brand is one of Latin America’s most widely recognized consumer brands and ranks as a favorite quick-service restaurant among consumers,” says Woods Staton, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Arcos Dorados. “However, Latin America is ...

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