Latin America Security: Record Venezuela Homicides

Venezuela now has Latin America’s and the world’s second-highest homicide rate after Honduras. (Photo: CICPC)

Latin America’s best and worst countries in security.


As a result of a record homicide rate last year, Venezuela remains Latin America’s most dangerous country along with Haiti, according to the Latin America Security Ranking prepared by FTI Consulting Ibero America for Latinvex.

The ranking of 19 countries is based on official numbers from public security secretariats, local police, governments, non-governmental organizations and institutes of crime investigations. It looks at more than just homicide rates and is particularly developed with business executives in mind.

here is an increasing number of all categories of kidnappings, of violent and fatal natures,” says Frank Holder, chairman of FTI Consulting Ibero America. “Escalating levels of violence are placing increasing unfulfilled demands on the Venezuelan government,”

According to official data, the homicide rate grew last year to 55.2 per 100,000 inhabitants compared with 50 in 2011.

However, estimates from the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence (OVV),
put the national homicide rate at ...

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CHART: Latin America Security Ranking 2013

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