EU: Colombia Leads Export Growth

Spain, here represented by Madrid, is now Latin America's second-largest EU trade partner and helped boost Colombia's exports to Europe last year. (Photo: Fermin Rodriguez Fajardo)

Colombia leads the way in Latin American export growth to the European Union.


While the Colombia free trade agreement with the European Union awaits ratification by Colombian lawmakers, a Latinvex analysis of new data shows that Colombia leads Latin America in export growth to the EU.

Meanwhile, Spain replaced The Netherlands as Latin America’ second-largest trade partner in the European Union.

Thanks to a slowdown in purchases from Latin America and a double-digit increase in exports to the region, the European Union last year posted a 2.1 billion euro (US$2.8 billion) surplus with Latin America compared with an 11.9 billion euro deficit in 2011, according to a Latinvex analysis of data from Eurostat.

Total trade reached ...

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