Infrastructure: Brazil Lags Mexico

Brazil, here represented by Guarulhus airport, has Latin America's third-worst air transport quality. (Photo: Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz)

Mexico a leader, Brazil a laggard in transport infrastructure.


When it comes to transport infrastructure, Brazil continues to rank among the worst countries in Latin America and significantly behind Mexico, according to a Latinvex analysis of data from The World Bank, the World Economic Forum, the Central Intelligence Agency and various governments.

The Latinvex analysis looked at twelve key factors that measure a country’s transport infrastructure quality: The quality of ports, air transport, railway and roads; percent of paved roads and airport runways and the cost, time and documents required to export and import containers.

Brazil ranked second-to-last among 18 countries analyzed. Only Haiti has a worse overall transport infrastructure in Latin America.

Mexico, meanwhile, came in at ...

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Latin America Transport Infrastructure Ranking

Latin America Port Quality
Latin America Air Transport Infrastructure Quality

Latin America Railway Infrastructure Quality
Latin America Road Quality
Latin America Percent Paved Roads
Latin America Airports: Percent Paved Runways
Latin America Export Cost: Best & Worst
Latin America Import Cost: Best & Worst
Latin America Export Time: Best & Worst
Latin America Import Time: Best & Worst
Latin America Export Documents: Best & Worst
Latin America Import Documents: Best & Worst

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