Argentina: Hope Amidst Challenges

As Argentina's next president, Mauricio Macri is expected to succeed in turning around the economy despite major challenges. (Photo: City of Buenos Aires)

Business-friendly Macri aims to turn around Argentina’s economy.


The victory of Mauricio Macri in presidential elections in Argentina marks a new chapter in the country’s often volatile history.  There is now widespread hope that Argentina will return to international markets, and attract significant foreign investment after eight years of investor-hostile policies by outgoing President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Not only will the tone change – from bully-type attacks against local opponents and perceived international “enemies” to a professional and pragmatic dialogue – but the rules of the game are expected to finally become clear and attractive after years of unpredictable behavior that scared off local and foreign investors.

“Pragmatism, of a non-dogmatic...

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