Venezuela Outlook Q&A

CHAVEZ SUCCESSOR? Diosdado Cabello, president of national assembly. (Photo: PSUV)

CHAVEZ SUCCESSOR? Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro. (Photo: Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom/Agencia Brasil)

Latinvex asks leading experts about Venezuela’s uncertain outlook.


What happens if Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wins the October presidential election but dies before his new term starts or after his new term starts? What happens if opposition candidate Henrique Capriles actually wins the elections? Would Chavez recognize the results? If Chavez dies in the near future who will succeed him? Will his cancer weaken his presidential duties? And will he become more radical or less so in light of his illness?

Latinvex asked five political and legal experts. Our panel:

·      Carlos Delgado, Partner, Baker & McKenzie Venezuela.

  • Jerry Haar, Associate Dean, Director, Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center, and Professor of Business at Florida International University.
  • Peter Hakim, president emeritus and senior fellow of the Inter-American Dialogue.
  • Beatrice Rangel, Founding Partner of AMLA Consulting and Chief of Staff and Minister of the Secretariat during the Presidency of Carlos Andres Perez.
  • Riordan Roett, Professor and Director, Latin American Studies Program, Western Hemisphere Studies, SAIS-Johns Hopkins University.

Latinvex: What happens if Chavez wins the election but dies before his new term starts or after his new term starts? Will Venezuela have to hold another presidential election?

Roett: If they follow the constitution, the ...

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