Mexico Energy: The Security Threat

Despite some progress in certain areas, Mexico's police needs to improve its quality, experts say. (Photo: Mexico City Government)

Executives from Pemex inspect the oil spill caused by illegal theft of oil at the Madero-Cadereyta pipeline in August last year. (Photo: Government of Cadereyta).

Crime is down, but remains a challenge for local and foreign companies.


While Mexico’s overall crime rates are the lowest since 2012, experts say multinational firms – especially in the energy sector – need to be aware of the high risks involved in doing business in certain areas of Mexico.

Some energy companies have already been affected by criminal organizations in some areas of Mexico, says Sergio Diaz, Managing Director of FTI Mexico.

“In light of this, energy companies are hiring high-profile security consultants and working closely with Mexican authorities as they are trying to syndicate their efforts in order to put more pressure on the authorities,” he says. “Energy companies are concerned with the security for their managers and their families and consequently they are reaching out to top government officials so they can make sure that they will be provided with good services and protection from the authorities. The Mexican government is fully open to requests by multinationals in energy and is paying attention particularly to them as much as possible.”

“It is a primary concern for several reasons,” says Eduardo Guerrero, Founding Partner at Lantia Consultores. “First of all, insecurity brings ...

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