Peru Business Boom Provides Legal Boom

The Graña y Montero IPO in July, which raised $413 million, is an example of the growing number of Peruvian firms that are listing abroad, providing international business for Peruvian law firms. (Photo: Graña y Montero)

Ismael Noya from Estudio Echecopar (a Baker &McKenzie associate firm) and Luis Miranda from Miranda and Amado Abogados. (Photos: Echecopar, Miranda and Amado Abogados)

Peru’s legal sector sees growth in outbound business as well as growing local demand.


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In the early 1990s, when Alberto Fujimori’s government opened up Peru’s economy and began a process of selling off state owned services and industries to foreign investors, Peru’s lawyers were forced to study abroad, master new laws, and attend the increasingly sophisticated demands of their international clients.

Now, two decades later, in a sign of how far Peru’s economy has come, these same law firms are providing services to Peruvian corporations that are taking their business overseas.

“Previously, the majority or all of Peruvian legal firms work was inbound, working with foreign investors coming to Peru,” says ...

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