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If enacted, there is no doubt that Mexico's power reform will lead to significant litigation and arbitration, both domestically in Mexico and before international arbitration tribunals, experts say. Here a CFE plant. (Photo: CFE)
Julie Bédard and Jennifer Permesly, Skadden. (Latinvex collage)
Wednesday, February 23, 2022
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Latin America: The Litigation Outlook

Experts share their insights on the outlook for litigation in Latin America this year.




What is the outlook for Latin America-related litigation this year? If Mexico passes and implements the government’s electricity reform will that generate litigation? To what degree has the COVID pandemic generated litigation work? Which countries will likely generate most litigation activity?  What sectors will drive litigation activity? 


Latinvex asked two experts: Julie Bédard, head of Skadden’s International Litigation and Arbitration Group for the Americas, and Jennifer Permesly, an International Litigation and Arbitration partner at Skadden.


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Keywords: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, COVID-19, Mexico, M&As, Peru, Skadden, Venezuela




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