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Local and foreign executives, bankers and moguls are on the ranking of Brazil's top 50 businesspeople.
Monday, February 25, 2013

Brazil's Top 50 Businesspeople

Latinvex selects the 50 leading businesspeople in Brazil.


While Latin American moguls Carlos Slim and Eike Batista have received most of the media attention the past few years, there’s another power player that has kept a lower profile until now.  Jorge Lemann – Brazil’s richest man – now controls, or is in the process of controlling, three major ingredients of US consumption:  Budweiser, Heinz ketchup and Burger King hamburgers.

Lemann is the man behind 3G Capital, which is in the process of buying Heinz (in a $23.3 billion joint venture with Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway) and already controls Burger King and AB InBev. 

He is also on the ranking of Brazil’s Top 50 Businesspeople from Latinvex, which also includes foreign nationals running major companies in Brazil.

We have balanced the list by sectors, local and foreign ownership and local and international importance.

We have ranked the top five by order of overall impact on Brazil’s business sector and the other 45 entries by alphabetical order.


Brazil’s Top 50 Businesspeople: The Top Five

Brazil’s Top 50 Businesspeople: A-M

Brazil’s Top 50 Businesspeople: N-Z

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