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Dominican rapper El Poeta Callejero sings about BlackBerry in one of his hit songs Un loco como yo. (Photo: UntherDoky)
The BlackBerry Curve 9320 is one of the best-selling BlackBerry models in Latin America.
Tuesday, November 20, 2012
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Latin America: BlackBerry Territory

Strong consumer demand drives BlackBerry success in Latin America.


One of the most popular songs in the Dominican Republic these days is Un loco como yo by the rap artist Poeta Callejero. “Everybody has a BlackBerry except me,” he complains in his song.

He is almost right. The Dominican Republic is one of several Latin American markets where BlackBerry has become a best-seller and maintains a leadership position among smartphones. BlackBerry led smartphone sales in Latin America last year, according to IDC.

“Today, Latin America and the Caribbean are some of the fastest growing regions for RIM,” says Wes Nicol, regional managing director for Latin America for Research in Motion, the Canadian company that produces BlackBerry.

Unlike the United States, where the BlackBerry became a corporate tool for work e-mail and data, in Latin America it has become a consumer product essential for communicating with friends and relatives.

“The introduction of BlackBerry smartphones a few years ago has really changed the way people communicate and use their mobile devices in Latin America,” Nicol says.

A large part of the attraction is ....

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