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Members of the Shell Women's Network in Brazil with Chadbourne partner and WILL Brazil President Silvia Fazio (front row, second from right). (Photo: WILL)
Chadbourne partners Margarita Oliva and Silvia Fazio and senior associate Dennise Calderon-Barrera. (Photos: Chadbourne and WILL)
Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Promoting Latin America Female Leaders

How two Chadbourne partners started a new Latin America female leadership initiative.


Latin America is well known for discrimination against women. While some countries do stand out positively – most noticeably Colombia – in terms of female executives and business leaders, the region as a whole is still seen as lagging the United States and Europe when it comes to opportunities for women.

Women in Leadership in Latin America (WILL) was started by a common initiative of two Chadbourne & Parke partners -- Silvia Fazio from the firm's Sao Paolo office and Margarita Oliva in the New York office -- as a result of the realization that there were no other professional associations Latin America-wide which focused on leadership issues for women and functioned as a network support for professional women in leadership positions in the region.

Chadbourne associate partner Dennise
Calderon-Barrera at the New York office is also actively involved.

Chapters have been launched in ...

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