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Peru leads Latin America subscriber growth for both America Movil and Telefonica. Here a consumer in capital Lima. (Photo: Miraflores Government)
Argentina leads Latin America revenue growth for America Movil and Telefonica. (Photo: Buenos Aires Defensoria del Pueblo)
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
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Latin America Wireless: Gap Grows

America Movil leads Telefonica in Latin America revenues, subscribers.


The gap between Mexico-based America Movil and Spain-based Telefonica – the region’s two largest pan-regional wireless operators – grew last year, according to a Latinvex analysis of their 2014 earnings reports.

While America Movil now leads in four country markets and the combined Central America/Venezuela area in revenues, Telefonica only leads in three country markets, our analysis shows.

America Movil leads in subscribers in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico, while Telefonica leads in subscribers in Brazil, Chile, Peru and Central America/Venezuela.       

However, America Movil leads in revenues in Central America/Venezuela despite lagging in subscribers, mainly the result of Telefonica’s currency-related losses in Venezuela, where America Movil doesn’t operate.

All in all, America Movil last year posted wireless Latin America revenues of ...

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