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Sao Paulo, Brazil. Paul Hastings is upbeat on the country's medium- to long-term outlook and plans an office there. (Photo: Embratur)
Bogota, Colombia. The medium and long term opportunities in Colombia may outstrip almost any other country in Latin America, Paul Hastings says. (Photo: Pedro Felipe)
Wednesday, July 16, 2014
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Paul Hastings Bets on Brazil, Colombia and Peru

Paul Hastings plans to open an office in Brazil.


While Mexico remains the key pillar of its Latin America practice, Paul Hastings is bullish on growth in Colombia and Peru as well as the medium- and long-term potential of Brazil.

The firm’s success in Mexico can be a disadvantage some times, acknowledges Michael Fitzgerald, chairman of the firm’s Latin America practice. “As a result of our strong presence in the Mexican market, our participation in other Latin American markets might seem small, but not the case. There are quite a few countries where the firm is active.”

Brazil, for example, is a key market for the firm, as are Colombia and Peru. It has also done work in such markets as Paraguay.


In fact, it is now in the process of formalizing an office in Brazil. “We have had two people on the ground in Brazil for several years, helping business [and] we’re in the process of ...

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Paul Hastings Bullish on Mexico

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