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Guatemala, here represented by capital Guatemala City, is seeing more interest from foreign companies. (Photo: Roberto G. Medina)
Wednesday, September 25, 2013
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Guatemala Law Business Grows

M&As, FTAs and litigation linked to counterfeiting, fraud and white-collar crime is helping spur more legal business in Guatemala.


Local and foreign law firms are seeing increased business in Guatemala, Central America’s largest economy.

“As the largest economy in Central America, Guatemala is an important hub for foreign investors looking to expand their business in the region,” says Alfonso Carrillo, managing partner of Carrillo y Asociados in Guatemala.  With a growing economy and stable currency exchange rate, strong internal market growth possibilities, and strategic geographical position, both global and regional companies find Guatemala as a good gateway for their first foray into Central America (including Panama), Mexico and the United States of America.”

US-based Harper Meyer is also very active in Guatemala, representing ...

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