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Emery Ventura, managing director of Economatica (USA), which is seeing increased demand for company research in Brazil and Latin America.
Tuesday, April 30, 2013
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Economatica: Brazil Leads the Way

Solid growth in Brazil is helping Economatica.



As investors are increasingly turning to Latin America to offset weak results in the United States and Europe, one company is leading the way in in providing market research on the region’s companies.


Economatica was started in Brazil in 1986 and today has offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and the United States. The company was founded by three brothers: Architect Otavio Exel, engineer Fernando Exel and mathematician Gustavo Exel.


In 1992, as US and European investors increased their interest in the Latin American equity markets, Economatica started expanding outside of its home market of Brazil.

“This year marked the starting point in which Economatica started putting together a network of representative offices in six other Latin American countries,” says Emery Ventura, managing director of Economatica (USA), which was also created in 1992.


Asset managers represent the largest group of clients. “All the major ones who have presence in Latin America use Economatica,” Ventura says.

Another major client group is investment banks.


In terms of country markets, Brazil remains by far the top market in terms of clients as well as investor attention.


“Revenues from Brazil are by far the largest [and] as a foreign country, Brazil is the one that drags most attention,” Ventura says. “Both because it is the largest one as well as because its capital markets posted a solid growth in the last 10 years.”


In the past years the Brazil operation alone has been growing above 15 percent in real terms. Brazil is still larger than all the other markets combined when it comes to Economatica business.


However, Economatica has also seen an increase in Colombia and Peru in recent years.

“Recent indication points to increased research demand in and out of these markets -- we've seen increased interest in US and Europe as well,” Ventura says. “And this results in increased business.”


Meanwhile, Mexico is increasingly also gaining investor attention after new president Enrique Pena Nieto began pushing through key reforms to open up the energy sector and make the country more competitive in telecommunications. The result is both increased demand locally and in the US for Economatica research.

Although Ventura expects relatively flat demand this year, he believes the company has the opportunity to grow by increasing its market share due to the releasing of new features in its product.

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