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President Ollanta Humala is gaining in popularity, but also seeing more protests, including some linked to terrorist group Shining Path. (Photo: Peru President's Office)
Former president Alan Garcia last week called for banning MOVADEF due to its support of the Shining Path. (Photo: JoseCruz/ABr)
Monday, November 26, 2012
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Peru: More Protests

Growing concern about Shining Path role in protests.


Despite Peru’s impressive macro-economic environment, social and political protests are expected to continue and will pose a challenge for the government and private sector alike. Last week, former president Alan Garcia called for the prohibition of an organization that has played a key role in recent protests, but is linked to terror group Shining Path.

Peru has recently seen a wave of protests, including several held by teachers and doctors. The teachers union is believed to have close ties to MOVADEF, the group Garcia wants to ban. Meanwhile, mining companies continue to face extensive protests as well, which can directly impact their operations. The largest foreign investment in Peru’s history – the $4.8 billion Conga mine – was suspended by the government in August following intense protests.

“In spite of impressive growth rates in the past few years, Peru is ....

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