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From top, left to right: Ricardo Buryaile, Alfonso Prat-Gay, Federico Sturzenegger, Juan José Aranguren. Second line: Guillermo Dietrich, Francisco Cabrera, Esteban Bullrich and Jorge Triaca. (Latinvex collage)
Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Argentina: Team Macri

Latinvex takes a closer look at Mauricio Macri’s cabinet and key aides.


Mauricio Macri, Argentina’s president 2015-2019, has chosen a team of professionals with plenty of private sector experience (Citibank, Deutsche Bank HP, HSBC, IBM, LAN, JP Morgan,McKinsey, Shell, Siemens) to his cabinet. Many of them have proven track records as managers in the city of Buenos Aires, under Macri’s eight-year reign as mayor. They are expected to bring a level of professionalism which was largely lacking in the outgoing government.

“Both Alfonso Prat-Gay and Federico Sturzenegger are capable professionals,” says Steve Hanke, a Professor of Applied Economics and Co-Director of the Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. “They both will represent a big change from what we have seen in the recent past: incompetence and dishonesty.”

Key aides like Alfonso Prat Gay, Pedro Lacoste, Rogelio Frigerio and Federico Sturzenegger have the knowledge of the web of interventionist regulations that are being used to control most aspects of the Argentine economy, which will help the next administration to carefully assess any malfeasance conducted by the Kirchner government during the last weeks and until they take charge in December 10, says Alejandro Chafuen, President of Atlas Network and a contributor.

“The team assembled by Macri is outstanding on many fronts,” he says. “The people chosen by Macri ...

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