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INFLATION CHAMPIONS Presidents Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela and Cristina Kirchner of Argentina led the world in inflation. (Photo: MINCI)
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
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Venezuela, Argentina Lead World Inflation

Venezuela and Argentina lead global inflation this year, Brazil among worst in Latin America.


Venezuela will have the world’s highest inflation rate this year, while Argentina will likely have the second-highest, according to a Latinvex analysis of new estimates from the International Monetary Fund for 187 countries and estimates from local Argentine experts.

As a result of manipulation of inflation data in Argentina, the IMF has stopped providing estimates or forecasts for that country. Meanwhile, in a highly unusual move, the fund has stopped providing inflation forecasts for Latin America beyond a two year period because of the Argentina manipulation.

In its database, it does not include any data on Latin America for the 2014-18 period, but in its published World Economic Outlook report, it provides a Latin America average of 8 percent this year and 7.5 percent next year with a note that both numbers exclude Argentina.

Graciela Bevacqua, who led the official statistics institute INDEC until she was removed in 2007 after refusing to manipulate the data, estimates that Argentine inflation will reach ...

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