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Top row: Woods Staton, Arcos Dorados; Jaime Ardila, GM; Jose Antonio Rios, Celistics
Bottom row: Frank Holder, FTI; Carlos Garcia, Novartis; Marcelo Modai, Standard Chartered Bank.
Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Special Reports

World Cup 2014: Executive Favorites

Latinvex asks prominent business executives to select their favorites for the World Cup.


What team will win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil? Who will be the best player at the event?

Latinvex asked prominent executives involved in Latin American business, including Woods Staton, Chairman and CEO of Arcos Dorados (the world's largest McDonald's franchisee) and Jaime Ardila, President of General Motors South America.

Our panel also includes Carlos D. Garcia, President for Latin America and Canada, Novartis; Frank Holder, Chairman of FTI Latin America; Marcelo Modai, General Manager for Colombia, Panama, Central America & Caribbean at Standard Chartered Bank and Jose Antonio Rios, Chairman & CEO of Celistics.


Latinvex: Which team will win?

Brazil. They have a young, talented team playing at home with experienced coach.

Brazil will win it. They have the best team and home advantage.

I wish I could say it was finally the US's time, but I vote for Argentina to win. Brazil will be very tough at home and several European squads look good but Argentina has arguably the most talent and Messi's genius should make the difference. 

: My team is Argentina and I think they will win because Messi will have a great championship and be a key differentiating factor.

From my perspective, Argentina will be the winner of the World Cup 2014.  Our Celistics team, from Mexico to Argentina, is already following their teams and cheering for their own countries to win.  We all hope the Cup will stay in Latin America this year!

Argentina. It is their moment!


Latinvex: Who will be the best player at the event?

Neymar. Simply, it is his time to shine, thousands will be rooting for him and he won´t disappoint.

Neymar. Messi is kind of diminished, and if Brazil wins, it would be hard not to select him.

Messi [will] be the best player. 


In terms of the best player, my two candidates are Iker Casillas and Neymar da Silva.

Staton: Messi. He’s the world’s best player.

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