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The planned $5.4 billion merger of America Latina Logística with Rumo Logistica was the leading announced Latin America M&A in the first quarter.  (Photo: ALL)
Wednesday, April 9, 2014
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Brazil M&A’s Jump 178%

Total Latin American M&As grow 9.8 percent in the first quarter this year.


The value of announced Brazilian mergers and acquisitions jumped 178 percent in the first quarter, according to Thomson Reuters. That compares with a 78 percent decline a year ago.

Meanwhile, Latin America-wide M&As grew 9.8 percent, a welcome development after last year’s 12.5 percent decline. However, the number of deals fell from 318 in the first quarter last year to 263 this year.

Brazil-based Rumo Logistica’s $5.4 billion planned merger with America Latina Logística – also from Brazil – was the largest announced deal in Latin America and the second-largest in emerging markets in the first quarter, according to Thomson Reuters. However, Rumo’s owner Cosan extended until April 15 the deadline for a decision on the merger.

The planned $2.2 billion purchase of Chilean bank CorpBanca by Brazilian bank Itau became...

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