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Fibra Uno property Torre Mayor in Mexico City. (Photo: Fibra Uno)
Wednesday, February 12, 2014
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Mexico Energy Reforms Boosts Fibras

Mexican energy reforms will help real estate investment trusts known as Fibras.


The outlook for Mexican real estate investment trusts, known as Fibras, remains strong, experts say.

“This year is very promising for Fibras,” says Guillermo Uribe Lara, a partner at the Mexican office of Holland & Knight who represented Fibra UNO in its US$1 billion issuance of Notes internationally and listed in Ireland in December, the first time a Mexican Fibra issued debt in international capital markets. “It is a very promising market. We will see big things happening.”

His optimism is based on a combination of factors, including the Mexican energy reforms, the fundamentals of several of the Fibras and several planned IPOs.

“A major infrastructure boom is coming to Mexico, especially in energy and renewable energy,” he says. “The infrastructure of oil and gas, energy systems...

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